Hey I'm Caroline! Most people refer to me by my last name or one of its many variations (Slawdog, Cole Slaw, Hot Slaws, or simply Slaw). I am a senior at the University of Georgia, graduating in May 2019. GO DAWGS! I am studying Advertising and seeking a position in account services, copywriting, or strategy. I love thinking creatively and expressing myself through my work and my passions. Advertising fascinates me because I believe powerful and ethical ideas, put into writing and imagery, has the ability to persuade an audience to make good, informed decisions.

You'll quickly learn I am a devoted dog mother to my one-year-old German Shepard-Husky mix (yes, he’s crazy), a part-time dirt bag hiker and river rat, and a yoga newbie! *aummmm*

I also love music, spending my money on as many live shows as possible, and cracking down on some work while listening to the Harry Potter soundtrack.

This website is a place for you to read samples of my writing, see a few projects, and learn a bit more about me! So chill and stay awhile!