six tips to improve your seo

           Search Engine Optimization is a constantly changing factor in your online presence that can require a great deal of attention. It is easy to fall to the bottom of the Google search funnel, but it is crucial for your company’s survival to maintain a high ranking. If your site is not appearing high on a search page, consumers will not skip to page five to find you. SEO competition can be very daunting when you are competing with large powerhouse companies but following these tips will improve your SEO and generate more leads:

1.     Don’t compete on popular, short phrases.

Using long-tail keywords instead of short phrases will lead to higher conversion rates and less competition for your website. These phrases should be very specific to your company and generally consist of three or more words. Don’t get too weird though— have a casual tone and language that is accessible to your target audience.

2.     Branch out from Google.

Google is crowded and competitive. Try naming three people that use Bing or Yahoo. Instead of putting all your efforts in ranking first on Google, try YouTube. You can use videos to promote your product or service and tell users a little more about your brand. Your video will also pop up in Google searches under the videos section, making it an effective way to increase your rank in both channels.

3.     Ensure smooth navigation and fast load speed.

Don’t make your viewer stare at their reflection on the computer screen. They will leave your page, resulting in low “dwell time.” A positive user experience is where your website will convert visitors to customers. Smooth navigation also allows for the Google Spider to scan your entire website in a short time, gathering as many keywords as possible.

4.     Two words: Mobile. Optimization.

Seventy-seven percent of executives have reported using their mobile devices to look up products or services. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know almost everyone is consuming content through their smartphones. If your website is not set up for mobile optimization, then user experience and conversion rate will be negatively affected. In 2014, the number of people who accessed the internet via smartphone surpassed the total number of those who accessed via desktop. That gap continues to widen. Get on board.

5.     Share relevant content.

Offer something of real value to your viewers. Having useful content helps increase your visitors’ “dwell time.” If users frequent your website because they consider your content to be high quality, then they might bookmark your site and revisit more often. Bookmarks will improve your SEO ranking. You should also be updating your website with fresh content. Recent trends have shown that consumers are drawn to short videos and images. Think picture books not novels. Make sure you’re giving the consumer what they want and what will hold their interest.

6.     Invest in local.

Playing up your local presence can help your rank in mobile searches and improve your local digital marketing metrics. Using location tagging in social media and enhancing your Google My Business page will give you an advantage over your local competitors. Add advanced attributes and useful features like Q&A, chats, and posts to your page. Make sure to verify and edit your business information regularly.


Key takeaways to get started on:

·      Stay constantly aware of your SEO and Google ranking and how you can continue to improve it.

·      Keep up to date on consumer and technological trends both locally and globally.

·      Build your site specific to your brand.

·      Create content that is meaningful and relevant to consumers.

·      Provide a positive user experience to convert viewers into consumers.