Is your company missing out on the benefits of pr?

when to choose pr over advertising...

        Trouble deciding whether to utilize Public Relations or Advertising to promote your business? Many people are unaware of the difference. Public Relations is a form of earned media your company receives from the press or the public. It is more credible than Advertising and builds trust from consumers. Advertising is a paid media that builds exposure for your brand but can also create skepticism from the audience. If any of the business goals below sound familiar, you’ll find PR – which generates earned media and builds your credibility – may be just what you’ve been looking for.


Build Brand Awareness

PR is most effective for companies focused on building brand awareness. PR is very text heavy, unlike advertising which is very visual, and all that text means you have the opportunity to carefully craft and position your story. PR, in any form, allows you to share more information with the public about your product, service or company. If you have a lot to say, squeezing all your company’s information in a 30-second spot may sound like an auctioneer found a job in Hollywood, and your audience most likely won’t make an authentic connection or remember your brand. Storytelling is the key to successful PR. If you are able to share compelling stories that resonate with your audience, then your brand will not be forgotten. PR brings your brand to life.

Share Your Story

Is your business making an entrance into the industry or does it have a success story to share? Using PR in these situations is an effective way to introduce yourself and create public interest or flaunt your talents and strengths. Be honest. Let the audience hear your voice, see your quirks, and make a connection. By branching out, your business will gain attention from prospects and set you apart from competition. Sell your strong suits and the rest will follow.

Use Influencers

The use of influencer marketing is a noticeable trend that has gradually become less strategic. If you’ve seen the Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial, you know some strategy has been lost along the way. The most successful brands keep their focus on relationship-building, trust and transparency, using industry-relevant influencers who share compelling content that impacts their target audience. Over time, PR has successfully utilized influencers by stressing relationships over reach.

Save Advertising Dollars

Public Relations is a cost-effective way to market your business. Limited budgets can go much further in PR than advertising. PR messages are conveyed through conferences, press releases, social media and other low-cost tactics. Advertising demands repetition. You will never forget that America Runs on Dunkin or that you aren’t the Most Interesting Man in the World, but those high-volume advertisements come at a steep cost. With PR, one or two successful, low-cost media promotions can spark conversation and typically carry 10-times the impact of a paid advertisement.

Gain Trust from the Public

The power behind public relations lies in credibility of the press. Press coverage is trusted more than advertisements and will result in your target audience listening and connecting. Your company’s earned media builds mutually beneficial relationships and drives perceptions that the public has about your brand. In a time when ethics and conversation surrounding gender and diversity is becoming more and more important, PR is necessary to protect, enhance or establish your reputation. As the old saying goes, “advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.”


A consistent use of PR seems like a no brainer for most companies. The effective balance between advertising and public relations will increase your brand exposure and credibility while taking some stress off your budget. Applying PR to any of the goals above will set your company apart from competitors and earn trust from your audience. You will soon find PR creates a buzz around your brand that will highlight your strengths and expand your opportunities.