5-star all you can eat buffet

why your business needs a full service agency

          When it comes to marketing your brand, why not have it all? From digital and creative to PR and print, full-service marketing agencies can provide solutions to all your needs. A full-service agency, also known as an integrated marketing agency, has the breadth of capabilities to handle all aspects of the marketing process. Proper marketing requires a holistic approach that uses all forms of promotional activity. An effective full-service agency has deep expertise in all areas and will best represent your brand by conveying one unified message to the public. These agencies monitor the strategy and positioning throughout the entire engagement, helping your business reach target markets, deliver efficiencies and generate opportunities. Below are four areas where a full-service agency could help make your marketing process stress-free.  

Tone of Voice

Your brand’s voice is everything. It is how you come across to the public, and whether that voice best represents your brand has a lot to do with your marketing message. With help from a full-service agency, the tone of voice in each of your messages will be consistent across all platforms and channels. When you allow multiple people to write content and contribute to design, you are bringing in many different tones, styles and individuals into your brand’s voice. Confusing, inaccurate, and ineffective? Yes! Represent your brand in the best way possible. If one team produces all your content, then your messages will be in unison and attainable by your audience.


When developing a marketing plan, you are only as strong as your weakest link. Every agency operates differently. Some more efficiently than others. If you are tossing your project from one agency to the next there is no guarantee that deadlines will be met. This can cause a holdup of your entire plan. With a well-run full-service agency, timing will be cohesive throughout the entire project. When everything happens under one roof you can trust all your messages are being completed and released around the same time, ensuring consistency. Full-service agencies have the resources to deliver outcomes and meet deadlines, easing some stress for your business.

Mutual Understanding

Imagine a marketing agency understanding your business as if they were part of your team. Sounds effective. The relationships formed when using a full-service agency will lead to a thorough understanding of your company culture and personality. No more explaining your brand time and time again to multiple agencies that never seem to get it right. A full-service agency will dedicate more time to learning about your brand and market, conveying your message with accurate industry knowledge. Gaining long term relationships will help your business save time and money both now and in future marketing projects. If a future plan doesn’t require utilizing all services, you will have the resources to pick and choose which are necessary. Constantly changing agencies and losing the background knowledge can weaken the effectiveness of your campaign and hinder continuity. Don’t serial date agencies. Show some commitment.

Integrated Approach

Many companies worry that a full-service agency will act like a crappy “all you can eat” buffet— quantity taking precedence over quality. However, admirable full-service agencies are very strategic when approaching projects. They will go through thoughtful organization and communication to provide consistent implementation throughout each discipline. An integrated approach is taken, resulting in the agency’s ability to offer advice on all areas of marketing strategy while still aligning under a single budget. The agency has resources to stay on top of all trends in your market and will adapt quickly to changes. This flexibility allows for them to accommodate all types of companies, budgets and timelines, making an integrated marketing plan feasible for any business. So, look at good full-service marketing as a 5-star buffet catered just to your needs.

Full Service at Phase 3

Here at Phase 3 our tagline “ideation to execution” is practiced in all of our engagements. Under one roof we are able to fully and effectively carry out a marketing project from start to finish. We build trust and relationships with our clients that help us to relay an accurate and consistent message for your brand. Over time, Phase 3 has been able to collect feedback from our clients’ growing requests, and through acquisitions we have developed into a full-service agency. For your convenience, our expertise has expanded into all disciplines. Our one-stop shop resources give your business the specialized attention it needs while covering as many demands as a large agency.